Pergolas can be a beautiful addition to your property.

A pergola can be a family area where you can gather and bond, an outdoor dining area for barbecues or brunches when the weather’s nice, or an area for socializing. Elwood Decks Logan can design and build your ideal pergola.


Pergolas are open air structures that can be built anywhere within your yard. They are usually made out of timber making them durable structures that last for a long time. Since pergolas are standalone and don’t need an existing structure to attach to you can have them installed anywhere you like within your yard.

Pergola Designs

There are so many pergola designs that you can choose from. We can present you with a selection of various styles and designs of pergolas. You can also look for inspiration from the internet. Once we get an idea of how you want your pergola to look it will be easier for us to design your dream pergola.

Comfortable Outdoor Space

A pergola can provide you with a cozy outdoor area where the whole family can just relax. The weather is always sunny in queensland and we suggest building a pergola with a roof so you can enjoy it no matter how hot it gets during the day.

Perfect for Any Space

When we design your pergola we will make sure that it is perfect for your backyard. Before we design your pergola we will inspect your property first and assess how we can make it suitable for your home.

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