Insulated Roof Systems

It is wonderful to live in a sunny location like Logan.

However, during the summer months, the days can be unbearably hot. The hot weather can make it uncomfortable to do your usual routine and your energy bills can also be expensive. Elwood Decks Logan offers insulated roof systems as a solution to this dilemma.

Insulated Roof System

We design our insulated roofing system to maintain the coolness underneath your deck during hot summer days with the help of roof insulation panels. We customise our products according to your needs and your homes conditions. For your convenience we can also install our product on your patio or carport.

Home Energy Efficiency

By availing yourself of our insulated roofing system your home’s energy efficiency will significantly improve. The approach that we use is reflecting the sun’s direct heat instead of absorbing it so it can be easier to keep your deck cool.

Long Term Savings

Since you can keep your deck cool even when the heat is unbearable, it will result in long-term savings. You won’t have to turn on multiple air conditioning units or choose maximum cooling settings just to be comfortable which will result in lower electric consumption and cheaper monthly energy bills.

When You Want Quality

A roof is an important part of your deck since it is the structures main protection against various outdoor elements. A functional and durable roof will make the family feel safe and protected inside your home and under your deck. By using our products your deck will be transformed into a cool and comfortable place.

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