Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good size deck?

Determining what is a good deck size for you depends on a lot of factors. Generally a small deck that can fit a round dining table measures approximately 50 square meters. On the other hand an average-sized deck measures between 100 to 120 square meters. It’s possible to build larger decks for multi-level designs and a bigger available space. The standard is a deck should be wider and its longer side must be proportional to the house. Some important things to remember: a too large deck can make your house look a lot smaller, while a too small deck can be inconspicuous. You should always keep in mind that a deck should not be larger than the biggest room in the house. These are the things that you should consider when determining the perfect size of the deck that you’re going to build: the location, which is usually the backyard, the shape and layout of your deck and the outdoor furniture that you want to decorate your deck with.

Is decking high maintenance?

Decking remains a popular choice among homeowners even with material advancements. One of the reasons why is it’s one of the best low-cost options. When it comes to the maintenance level, it will still depend on the kind of timber decking used. Cheaper timber options have a low life expectancy of 10-15 years. You will only get to that point if it’s properly maintained. This decking material is prone to stains and scratches, as well as cracking and splintering. The more expensive timber decking is high maintenance since it needs to be painted and stained yearly. It may also need to be cleaned and resealed annually. Hardwood timber, which is the most expensive and durable option, will cost a lot for both the materials and labor. However, it has a life expectancy of up to 40+ years and does not require a lot of maintenance. Cheaper decking options are high maintenance, while the most expensive ones are not.

Is composite decking slippery when wet?

When you build a deck for your home, safety becomes your top priority since it will be used by your whole household. One of the most common concerns of homeowners is if composite decking gets slippery when wet. To answer the question, composite decking is made of special materials that make it resistant to slips, falls, and other possible accidents. Even if it does get wet, it will still be safe and won’t be slippery. However, there are some factors that can sometimes make composite decking slippery when wet. When dirt and debris have accumulated on your deck, mold and fungus might grow, which can make the floor slippery. When both water and ice have accumulated on your deck, it can also cause accidents. If the composite decking is very old, it can lose its anti-slippery property. To avoid accidents, it’s important to always keep your deck clean.

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