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Building a deck is definitely a worthwhile investment. Aside from utilizing empty yard space your living space will also increase. Elwood Decks Logan can be your perfect deck builder if you want to achieve your dream deck. We will also consider your needs, apply your ideas and of course, stick to your budget and project timeline.

Benefits of Building A Deck

Adds aesthetic appeal to your home's exterior

If you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior, building a deck is a great solution. Aside from transforming an empty yard space into an attractive recreational area, it can also enhance the overall beauty of your home’s exterior. You just have to design it in a way that compliments the existing theme or style of your property. You can do this by having great options, assessing what looks best and getting the opinion of deck building experts.

Boosts the value of your home

A well designed deck can increase your home’s value. A deck adds both style and functionality to a home which makes it a valuable addition to your property. If you plan to sell your house in the future you will definitely thank yourself for deciding to build a deck. It instantly uplifts a home’s visual appeal and also significantly improves its functionality. Building a deck in your backyard is undoubtedly a great investment.

Increases square meterage

If you want to increase your homes square meterage it can be a wonderful idea to build a deck. A deck serves as an additional living space outdoors, so it will be counted as part of your home’s total floor area. It can be an extension of the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom or the living room. It will increase your living space while providing more options for the family when it comes to where they will spend their spare time.

Provides a place to host parties and family get togethers

If you love hosting dinners or throwing parties you will find a deck highly useful. If you don’t want to disrupt the other family members routine during a get together with friends or colleagues, then a deck can be the perfect area to go to. You can add an outdoor or removable dining table with chairs to your deck so it can be convenient to host dinners. You can also include a mini dance floor to your deck if you like dancing during parties.

Decks add functionality

If you want to increase the functionality of your property, building a deck is a great solution. A deck can serve multiple purposes, which means you can turn your backyard into a complete recreation area for the whole family. If you have kids, they can use it as a safe play area within your residential property. For adults, it can be a fitness or hobby area where you can enjoy all your interests outdoors.

Decks are low maintenance

If you want additional living space outdoors but don’t want the hassles of maintaining and inspecting it all the time then a deck would be perfect for you. Most decks are low maintenance which means you can use your deck all day to your heart’s delight and also you won’t need to periodically check for structural wear and tear. You can just schedule an inspection every several months with Elwood Decks Logan and we will take care of the maintenance.

Good gathering area

If you love to host gatherings with friends or relatives a deck can serve as a beautiful and functional gathering area. If you prefer barbecue nights you can turn your deck into an extension of your kitchen and dining room so you can have fun while grilling and eating your barbecue. If you prefer a full blown party you can set up your deck to have a small dance floor so everyone can enjoy the house party.

Supports a healthy lifestyle

If you are following a healthy lifestyle then building a deck can be really helpful for you. If you regularly exercise or meditate you can turn your deck into a fitness and meditation area. If you want a healthy diet for the whole family you can also add a mini garden area in your deck so you can grow the herbs that you like and some small vegetables that you frequently include in your delicious healthy meals.

A deck makes it party time

A deck can turn simple gatherings into fun house parties. You can tweak how your deck looks by having a small dance floor with a DJ corner if you want the party to really get going. You can also set up a minibar or cute food counters so guests can easily find the refreshments. Also you could set up a small dining area on the deck so you can enjoy a nice dinner and then start the real party.

A deck offers a new look

Building a deck can give your living area a major makeover. If you’re tired of how everything looks at home and you badly want to see something new and refreshing, you can build a vibrant deck in your backyard. Of course you also have to make sure that your new deck will suit your needs and be sure that it fits your budget. It’s also important that your new deck matches your house and its existing design.

Types of Decks

Attached deck

This deck type looks and functions like a patio. However, an attached deck is made of timber or timber composite decking materials. It is also slightly raised. It’s usually attached at the back of an L-shaped or a U-shaped home. This style of deck provides additional living area for your family to enjoy.

Detached or Island deck

This deck type is the opposite of an attached deck since it is a standalone structure. A detached or island deck can be positioned anywhere within your yard but there should be a footpath or steps so it is easily accessible. It can be built in a rocky, uneven or bumpy backyard.

Wraparound deck

This deck type is like an old fashioned wraparound porch. However, a wraparound deck can be made more uneven, larger and more room-like than a porch. This deck is also slightly elevated. A wraparound deck is called an engawa in Japan. One of the best features of this style of deck is it lets you follow the sun or shade.

Multi level deck

This type of deck is the best option for a large property or one that has split levels. A multilevel deck consists of a series of decks built on different levels but is still connected to the house via steps or paths. This style of deck is suitable for areas with slopes, hills or rocky properties.

Side yard deck

This deck type can turn an awkward space into a relaxing area. A side yard deck can serve as an extension of your bedroom for private lounging, an extension of the bathroom with a spa bath, or a separate dining nook for breakfasts, brunches, small meals, wine nights and snacks.

Swimming pool deck

It’s a brilliant idea to build a swimming pool deck. This deck is slip resistant and won’t scorch the feet of swimmers. A swimming pool deck can be a nice area for socializing over snacks and drinks. It can also be a cozy place where parents can relax while looking after their children who are swimming.

Entryway deck

This deck type looks and functions like a front porch except that it is not fully covered overhead. An entryway deck should follow the shape, materials and design of the house so it will look seamless. A beautiful entryway deck can instantly enhance the beauty of your entire property.

Deck for outdoor dining

This deck type is usually built as an extension of the dining room or kitchen area. An outdoor dining deck is designed with its own counter, grill, bar, food prep area, outdoor dining set and a sink for easy cleanups. It can be a great area to entertain guests and enjoy nice dinners with family.

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

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A lot of builders prefer composite decking since it provides a low maintenance and visually appealing finish.

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